Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A dose of spring - Canada Blooms!

On Sunday, Little Country Girl and I went to Canada Blooms!
I think everyone is a little cranky this year because winter just wont go away.
For those of you that have never been, or don't know what Canada blooms is all about, it is a Garden show in Toronto's Direct Energy Center. It is Canada's biggest garden show in Canada's biggest convention center. It has over a million square feet of space! Canada Blooms shares this huge space with the Toronto Home Show. Admission to either show gets you in to both shows.
Canada Blooms has the Toronto Flower Show, as well as Feature Gardens, Exhibits, Vendors, Workshops, 3 stages for speakers, as well as a kids play area. 
The show was packed... people are itching for spring!
I took almost 400 photos at the show, but I will only share my favorite ones here today.
This is the first planting we saw as we entered the building
The theme of this years show is "Wild"
 The first section we looked at was the Toronto Flower Show. There were so many great entries, but I am only posting a few of my favorites. Class 37 was "Free Wheeling" - a wheel barrow full of compatible rooted plant material. Here are the 3 best
"A Walk on the Wild Side" was next. Anything goes, plants must predominate.
We thought this Carousel was amazing, even though it didn't win 1st prize

This one was the winner
A few entries from various classes

There were several feature gardens too.
I took so many photos of them, they were all fabulous!
Here are some favorites, in no particular order

 A little silliness too... here's Little Country Girl all grown up!
We had a great day, and forgot about winter for a while.
If you are in the Toronto area, the show runs until March 23rd.


  1. How lovely getting a sneak peek at Canada Blooms, we are headed there tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be taking as many photos as you did :)

  2. I'm sure you had a great time at the show yesterday! I do hope you will share your photos ... I keep seeing other peoples photos and there are things I don't remember seeing there. I think I need to go again to make sure I saw everything! LOL

  3. Hello Netty! I'm back to blogging again. I took much longer off than I had intended, but I'm retired now. Have more time. I'm definitely putting the date for Canada Bloooms on my calendar for next year. I wish I'd known about it this year!

    Cheers, Diane