Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The evolution of my garden

I've always had kind of a 'vision' of what my 'finished' garden might look like.
When I came here, there was only one garden, the one right behind the back deck, and it WASN'T pretty!
We moved into the house in August of 2003.
This first year I had an infant, so I didn't get much accomplished in the garden. 
I dug in the 7 small Hosta pieces from the old yard along the front of the garage.
The perennials in the back garden were split and replanted.
The other perennials I brought from the old yard were planted, and I managed to get some bulbs in.
The Hosta's behind the garage have been left untouched since then, and they are HUGE!
Since my Hosta addiction, I have decided to split these and make room for more in 2014.
The back garden 2013
 I dug up some Daylily's and made way for a garden under my bedroom window.
 The following spring (2004), I planted more perennials and some annuals for color.
In 2013
 I discovered the overgrown rocks at the foot of the driveway.
I decided it needed to become a garden!
2013 and I admit, it needs work!
 In 2005, we moved the location of the kids swimming pool.
That left a big circle of soil in the backyard, so I guess you know what happened.
  More on this in a minute
   I also extended the back garden around to the other side of the house
In 2013
 I didn't much like the area by the other door ... it looked NAKED!
 I dug in a small pond and made another new garden.

 2006 an 2007 the gardens were put on the back burner as we worked on the house.
They were still maintained and perennials added, but few photos.
In 2008, I purchased many perennials, roses and shrubs.
The back 'Pool' garden was planted with Roses, perennials, bulbs.
A birdbath appeared.
And the beginnings of the another garden was started with the planting of 3 Bridal Wreath Spiraeas.
The arbor was built.
 And those Spiraea's that started that other garden?
A new fence and Hosta garden!
  In 2013

In the fall of 2008 I also made the island garden behind the house - here it is in the spring of 2009
It really filled in! Here it is 2013

 2009 - 2011 I only made a few small gardens... along the side of the garage, garden shed and fort.
This year they looked like this

 2012 was the new back bed and the Hosta Bed extension

 This year
 Here it is mid first extension. I needed a place to plant those end of season bargains!
Another extension happened after this one, but that's another post!
I think the yard looks completely different, and I like to think much better, than when we came

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  1. Interesting post, and nice garden! Made me think of how ours has evolved over ten years too - getting to the max just as we're getting too old and achy to do the work!