Monday, November 18, 2013

Another helpful gadget ...

We love pie around here!
Fall time is apple picking time, and also PIE making time.
Country Boy loves apple pie!
Unfortunately, Netty does not like peeling and cutting apples.
Then I found this handy gadget!
 This apple peeler makes peeling and slicing apples so easy.
Simply put an apple on and start cranking that handle
In about 5 seconds you have an apple that is peeled, cored and sliced!

Once slice with a knife and each apple is ready and perfectly sliced for pie!
And since I discovered that Country Boy doesn't like CRUST, I found this simple recipe for a crustless apple pie from Betty
 It is simple to make and tastes great!

Big Country Girl likes to have a slice for breakfast!
Apple peeler available at 


  1. We've got an apple peeler just like that. We use it to prepare for apple sauce rather than pie.

  2. Hello Netty, I love the looks of that apple peeler. I have looked at that gadget for years in Lee Valley Tools, and now I may just have to buy one. The apple pie is delicious-looking. I bet it tastes divine. And on your previous post, look at all the cats you have visiting! I am always surprised by what our game camera photographs, too.

  3. Can you tell I love Lee Valley Tools? ;)