Sunday, November 10, 2013

First snow fall - November 8th

Time sure has a way of slipping by.
One minute I am out in my summer garden, the next minute there is snow!
I had barely finished planting bulbs and cleaning out the gardens, the next thing you know

It had all melted off by the end of the day, but it was a reminder of how much there still was to do before winter really hit.
The gardens still need cleaning, a few things need putting away.
The woodshed needs to be filled, winter apparel pulled out.
Thanks for the wake up call Mother Nature!


  1. Netty, not snow! Oh, we're never ready for it, no matter how late it comes around here. Today we are going to put in high gear and get everything done, well, ok, Something done, before the white stuff hits. I love your pictures and the way snow transforms the grasses and trees; is that your sidewalk with the cool lines in it?

    And you are definitely not alone with problems with figuring things out on your blog, Netty. Every time I try to adjust widths or reconfigure templates, I am in for a nightmare. I don't know if it is my advancing senility or my computer, but the whole thing drives me crazy. It's almost like the blog has a mind of it's own---I can pick new font sizes or colors and nothing changes, ack, on and on. I should write a blog post about it, maybe someone could help us? :-)

    1. Yes, that is my short flagstone pathway ... I thought it was really cool the way the snow outlined the stones.
      I just took some time to fiddle with my blog, and as you can see I have figured out how to reply to comments! What a great day ;)