Monday, July 2, 2012

The sweet pea taste test

We love fresh peas!
And there is only one way we eat them - raw. In fact, it is a miracle in itself when any make it into the house.  This year we decided to find the tastiest peas and we put 3 types of peas to the test.
Lincoln or Homesteader peas boasted 63-68 days for a crop and sweet peas.
Green Arrow said long, slender, sweet and tender peas in 68-75 days.
And the Sugar Snap said crispy, crunchy and juicy peas in 70 days.
I soaked the seed and planted them on April 28th.
We picked the first peas on June 30th - 63 days after sowing the seed.
We lined them up and put them through the test... shown in the same order as the seed packs above
We all found the pods of the first 2 to be tough, and the clear 'skin' on the inside a little bitter and hard to chew. They were very tough, but the peas inside were quite sweet.
The 3rd ones - the Sweet Sugar peas were definitely the sweetest of the 3 types. They had smooth pods, and they didn't have a clear 'skin' like the other types.  The plants themselves were also the biggest and most productive - we picked at least 3 times as many peas from the Sugar Snap plants.
The Sugar Snaps were the clear winners here, and will be a regular in our garden.

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