Friday, July 6, 2012

The heat is on! Fertilier Friday July 6th

The heat is on in southern Ontario, with today's high expect to reach 35°C!
Despite the lack of rain, there are still blooms to share for Fertilizer Friday!
First, my 5 am harvest
The Hydrangea's are almost glowing at dawn
Some happy Veronica
And Culvers Root
A volunteer Poppy peeking out of the steps
The Lavender that I thought I lost this spring
The various Echinacea's starting to bloom

And a few Asiatic's from a friend
Lambs Ear blooms
Love that Bee Balm - and so do the Hummers!
An old tub salvaged in one of my walks
An unknown succulent ... can anyone identify this one for me?
Hen's and Chicks  ... such an odd bloom!
Butterfly weed grown from seed ... having a great year


  1. Hi Netty, Everything looks great! I especially like the Culver's Root and the butterfly weed. Stay cool! We likewise are experiencing much heat and little rain. :-(

  2. SO pretty!!! Love your blooms, especially that Was the butterfly weed hard to start from seed?