Thursday, July 19, 2012

Need rain!

Here we are mid July.
We have had a very hot, and very dry summer so far.
I can't think of the last time we had rain.
We have been using our well water sparingly, and the only things being watered are planters and the veggie garden. The flower gardens are on their own and it shows.
So here are a few things to share with Tootsie and Fertilizer Friday
A few planters
This is by the door and the Heliotrope smells divine! Anyone else like to grow this?
A planter with clearance bargains this week
 This is filling in nicely
A Dahlia peeking out of the garden. The Earwigs are a real problem this year eating the blooms off of everything!
The tub is filling in too
We are patiently waiting for the cucumbers!
I was quite pleased to find these Sweet Potato Squash growing in the tire. Tasted them for the first time last year and HAD to grow some this year. YUM!
I hope we get some rain soon or there will be nothing left to share next week.



  1. Your pots are looking lovely, despite the hot weather. Sweet potato squash sounds delicious, have never tried it, must look for some at the local market.

  2. I have never heard of sweet potato squash. I would love to hear more about it. Your containers are absolutely lovely. Bonnie

    1. The Sweet Potato squash is sold as 'Delicata' and is very sweet. I used to grow strictly acorn squash, but discovered Sweet Potato Squash and Butternut last year. After trying and loving them, I didn't even grow any Acorn squash this year :)

  3. I have rain almost daily here. can send some over to your lovely garden. The planter box of flowers is really pretty.

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