Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wet, windy weather and lists

Something about windy, wet weather.
I'm stuck inside, my gardens a memory
When I'm sitting inside by the fire, all I can think about is home renovations.
You may recall we renovated the kitchen last winter. There are still things needed in there to complete the project...bits of trim, sealer on the tiles, a new microwave and a nice ceiling fan/light fixture. Now I think the fridge is on it's last legs too. I'm starting a list.
Next in line is the laundry area. We had to replace some drywall after we had the roof fixed and a leak  from the aquarium. Then summer came and we were too busy to finish the job. Now it is time to finish the job ... paint, wainscoting and curtains. I've started a list.
Next comes the living room. We have wanted to renovate and re-decorate for years. Last year I repainted the walls, but we didn't get to the new carpet or couches. I haven't even hung the pictures back up yet!
I also want to finish the wall behind the wood stove. It looks so...plain.
I'm adding to the list.
2 more weeks until I am done my gardening job and then I'll begin.
I can't wait!!

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  1. Netty, I hear you on the lists. We're wrapping up our gardening chores here, but still working on a stone project. I'm not ready for winter, even though I know it would be a great time to start remodeling our house. Looking forward to seeing your projects completed, it will give me courage to start my own!