Sunday, October 2, 2011

A rainy, fall day

As much as I hate to admit it, Fall is truly here.
While the calendar told me that a few weeks ago, I think I have been in denial.
With Autumn comes a lot of work...putting things away, stacking firewood, taking down the pool, filling up the fuel tanks, and putting the gardens to bed.
 The weather has still been nice and the flower gardens aren't looking too bad. 
The Welcome Garden is in bad need of trimming, but still has some color.
I haven't been out to trim, weed, or deadhead in weeks!

The trees are starting their yearly show
And today is a rainy, cold day.
I don't want to be outside today, yet it is a little cool in here.
Not for long!
Something about rainy, fall days makes me want to bake.
2 apple pies and some banana bread - and I see someone couldn't wait!
It is now cozy and warm in this 'ole farm house.
And it smells heavenly!
Maybe fall isn't so bad after all.


  1. Baking for me too, nothing like warming up the house with the heat from the oven. The smells are a bonus. Time to think of comfort foods.

  2. Hi Netty

    Today is Thanksgiving and it's glorious - what a difference a week has made. I, too, spent last weekend in the kitchen, baking and cooking. It was heavenly.

    Have a wonderful day today - filled with family, nature and traditions of Thanksgiving.