Friday, October 28, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

 I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post!
I have been very busy getting the 'fall chores' done and trying to get my gardening job finished for the season. Now that I am finished with work I am able to devote more time to home and family.
We spent an entire weekend cleaning up the yard, pulling down the pool and getting the lawn furniture put away. Then we got the winter firewood delivered. We weren't sure we were going to fit it all inside of the shed...
A day later it was all in there...phew!
There were also things to bring in from the garden. I tried growing heirloom carrots this year and they turned out OK. I ended up with quite a few sinks full. The kids aren't too sure about purple carrots though! (might I add that the horses like purple ones as much as orange ones!)
The 'Black Tuscan' Kale was a little disappointing. The bugs didn't leave me too much and this was all I managed to save from the whole row. It was delicious so I might give it another try.
I managed to get part of the back garden cleaned up last weekend but there is still  much to do. I still had a few lovely blooms yesterday, but this morning I had a nasty surprise...
this years first snow!!
Remember my lovely Dahlia's that looked like this?
 Now they look like this!!
The Elephant Ear's on the deck that looked like this?
Now they look like this...
 My beautiful planters now look like this

This weekend, weather permitting, I will spend time out there cleaning up. No rush ... I don't have to go to work anymore!
Soon the laundry room project!

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