Friday, October 14, 2011

Fertilizer Friday - still blooming!!

Time once again for Fertilizer Friday!!
It is now the 14th of October and I still have blooms!
We shall see how long that lasts ... the rain and high winds have started.  I went outside to snap a few pictures before Mother Nature takes away what may be the last blooms of the season.
This 'Duchess of Edinburgh' is this seasons first. I thought I had lost this Clematis vine
The Dahlia's are suddenly bursting open with gorgeous new blooms too
Yarrow is having its second wind as well. I don't remember the first blooms being this bright
The Dipledenia is still blooming too despite the cool temperatures.
'Midas Touch' Rose just keeps on blooming
This yellow Mum is SO bright!
The Monkshood is actually EARLY this year. It usually waits until November
I just dragged this Brugmansia inside as the winds started. The blooms just opened and the scent is heavenly!!
Lets keep our fingers crossed for next week :)


  1. Netty, what a lot of color you still have! Amazingly beautiful blooms and all the more precious because of the time of year. All too soon white will be the predominant view.

    The brugsmansia is so gorgeous and so are the roses and the monkshood, oh, all of them. I wish fall lasted longer.

  2. Wow, Netty, you still have so much in bloom. My garden seems to be done other than the sedum and mums. Even the hydrangeas are completely finished.
    Planning now for next year as we put up a fence to create my "secret garden".