Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mint anyone?

Once upon a time, I planted a sprig of mint.
It didn't grow so I planted another sprig of mint.
It didn't do that well and I didn't use it for anything so that fall I roto-tilled it in.
The next spring I had mint popping up all over the garden!
I really didn't know what to do with all this mint. I do like to drink Mint Tea in the cooler months so I decided to dry some. I hung it in the kitchen where it would get good air circulation.
Once it was dry it was easy to pull the leaves off the stems.
I bought one of these things from the local dollar store
(anyone know what these are called??)
Added some boiling water and VOILA!
So easy! So cheap! So delicious!
Thinking of all the mint and other great tea herbs I have been wasting all these years, I once again ask myself....
What took me so long?


  1. That's a tea ball, perfect for brewing loose tea. Fresh mint tea is delicious.
    You could dry lots, package it in a nice container, and give it as gifts ... include a tea ball, a favourite recipe etc. It would be a great little gift.

  2. Terrific way to use all that mint. I've planted mine in a pot to try and control it.

  3. Isn't that brilliant?!
    We have no mint here.Oughtta plant some...
    A diffuser? The tea ball?
    I adore your header. A beautiful shot.