Monday, September 5, 2011

Bitter Tomatoes?

I have been picking lots of tomatoes and most of them have been cherry tomatoes.
I leave a bowl out on the island in the kitchen so that they will get eaten.
I've been noticing that once in a while I would bite into a bitter one.
Not just a little sour, but really BITTER.
So bitter that when you taste it  you spit it out.
There is no way I could swallow one of them.
I finally figured it out today while picking.
The volunteers I moved into their own row are the ones that are bitter!
I have never had this happen before!
Does anyone know what would do this? These would have been seeds that overwintered from last years 'Sweet Millions' and 'Current' Tomatoes.
The plants are very healthy looking and loaded with fruit.
There will be an aweful lot of wasted tomatoes this year!
I am glad I have this years that are sweet and delicious, but I think next year any volunteers are going to the composter. Anyone else ever have this problem?


  1. I've never come across that problem. Hoping someone will have an answer for you.

  2. My wife puts so much salad dressing on tomatoes she would never notice. Our last visit got me some Netty zucchini. We made onion rings out of the zucchini. Battered and fried...yummy?

  3. Crafty Gardener - I sure hope someone has an answer too! I'm wondering what those tomatoes last year were pollinated by?

    Gary-I don't even think salad dressing would cover that bitter taste! (You are, of course, welcome to try!)
    Zucchini Rings? Sounds good! I'm ready to try anything new!