Saturday, September 17, 2011

A drive in the country

Today I was feeling bored. The 2 older kids were out for the day so Ivy and I decided to go out for a little adventure. I wanted to find a farmers market for some red cabbage and apples and had always wanted to go to the Woodville Sales Barn. I heard it was THE place to get anything from livestock, chickens, rabbits, and puppies to cheese, produce, and meat. There are also auctions every weekend.
So we jumped in the car (without a map - part of the adventure) and I threw my co-pilot the camera.
All the photo's from this adventure are taken through the eyes of an 8 year old ( I think she did a pretty good job - way to go Ivy!)
So we set off down the country road
The deeper we got into farm country, the more we noticed the solar panels.
There were many farms with giant panels catching the suns rays.

Fields and fields of cabbage! You could smell it as you drove past.

It was nice looking cabbage, but I was looking for RED cabbage.( I wanted to make a big batch of Red Cabbage with Apples so I could freeze some.) We kept driving and soon realized we must be heading the wrong way and soon I was looking for anyone so I could ask directions. We found a lovely little antique shop and pulled over.
Theses signs made me think of Frank and Mike on American Pickers !
Back on track

There were a few small auctions going on outside, as well as some livestock auctions indoors.
I spotted something that intrigued me in one of the buildings.
This corner full of stuff was marked 'for future auction'.
After this we put away the camera...people were giving us funny looks LOL
We strolled thru the entire place. We did see ducks, geese, turkey's, sheep, cows, and puppies.
There were venders selling corn, tomato's, cheese, salami and other meats.
Candies and baked goods.
Clothing and movies.
But not one stinkin' cabbage!
We did end up buying some gardening gloves and a small bag of candy.
  Someone was very happy about that small bag of candy!


  1. What a delightful day, great photos and post. I love doing drive vacations!

  2. P.S. Canadian Pickers are coming to the Ottawa region! Haven't seen a soul!