Friday, September 16, 2011

Fertilizer Friday - Flaunt your Flowers Sept 16th

Another week has flown by.
The feeling of Autumn is definitely in the air this week, with this mornings temperature sitting at only 3°C .... brrrrr!! Fall colors are starting to show.

A surprise color when this Gladiolus bloomed
Sweet Autumn Clematis - I didn't plant this! I guess it was a blow in or the birds did it :)
However it got here, I'm glad it did! I like it!!
A pompom Zinnia
A lonely 'Carefree Beauty'
A mix of annuals - I wonder how much longer until Jack Frost gets everything?
Now I'm heading over to see what's going on with Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday !
Have a great weekend everyone, and stay warm


  1. Love the fall colors in the trees...wish I had a volunteer clematis, must smell divine!

  2. Your flowers are amazing. We've had frost for sure. Hubby still sneezing with hayfever... or is he???

  3. I see the Fall leaves already beginning to show...Your home and yard is lovely...all that wonderful space!