Saturday, April 19, 2014

A lesson about ducks

I noticed something odd in my Maple tree after my dog walk early this morning.
Look a little closer
It's a DUCK!
In all my years, I have never seen a duck in a tree!
My hunting friend informed me it was a Wood Duck.
After a little research , I discovered this to be true.
I love living in the country! I'm always learning :)


  1. Such a neat sight to see and capture in a photo.

  2. Hello Netty and what a fantastic picture you have taken of the tree duck !
    I have seen them on nature shows and have been amazed by how the little ducklings just drop out of the tree to follow their mom ... nature is totally amazing !
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and YES ! You have to have at least one or two hellebore in your garden : )

  3. Hello. The new look of your blog is awesome. I saw somewhere that the average blog lasts 6 weeks. You have surpassed that by years. The nice weather is here at last and soon you will have lots to show us.