Friday, August 3, 2012

Lost a tree this week

Tuesday, while we were out shopping, there was a storm.
It was short lived, but had strong winds and hail.
We  lost one of our apple trees :(
Upon further inspection, we discovered it was almost hollow
It has since been cut up and stacked to dry for firewood.
There were loads of branches to be picked up all over the yard.
 Pails blown, flower pots blown over, and even the arbor was held in place only be the Wisteria vine.
Patio furniture was blown off the porch too, luckily none were damaged.
There were some people down the street who weren't so lucky.
Trees on houses, sheds, cars and powerlines.
Some lost their Hydro for 30 hours.
I was so thankful that I only lost 1 tree and a couple of potted plants.
I even have a few blooms left to share for Tootsies Fertilizer Friday!
Love these blue Balloon Flowers!
This Potentilla has been blooming since mid June!
The first Branched Coneflowers have opened
Sure is starting to feel like FALL!


  1. The flowers look great. So sorry about the loss of your tree but glad it didn't fall on the house.

  2. How lucky there wasn't more damage. We recently lost a 124 foot tall tree at our cabin and it managed to hit the ground without hitting anything else on the way down. It was right beside our cabin so we were just so lucky. It was also rotten inside.
    Glad you still have some blossoms left. Much as I love the fall let's hope summer sticks around a little longer.