Friday, August 24, 2012

Fertilizer Friday - August 24th

Another week has passed and it is once again time to link in to Tootsies
The temperatures have been cooler - it was only 7°C two mornings this week, making it feel very Fall-like. Last weeks rains have helped too.
The shed planter is really filling in
Remember that vine that popped up in my new garden?
 I had hoped it was a zucchini or pumpkin, but it doesn't appear to be anything I want to eat.
There are 7 fruits, oddly shaped and lumpy. I think they will be used for fall decorating.
One of the Roses are re-blooming
The Phlox is looking good too
Datura bloom opening - heavenly scent!
Angelonia - a first for me
A female Humming bird has been watching me in the garden and lands for a drink.
She checks me out and then drinks before flying off
 Love these little guys, but they are so QUICK!


  1. Strange fruit. Love the Phlox, is that Angelonia or Guara? Hummers are so entertaining.

    1. Darla, it was tagged Angelonia when I bought it, and all along I've been thinking how similar it is to Gaura! LOL Now that I've 'googled' Angelonia, I can see why!! Yet another plant I bought this year that was tagged wrong ...

  2. Those are great hummer photos. We sure could do with some rain as everything is so-o-o-o dry.

    1. Getting dry here too. We go from one extreme to the other around here ... what a year!!

  3. Hi Netty, Your phlox is just stunning! I do so love pink in the garden. Have a great week!