Sunday, August 5, 2012

Feeling a little lost

I must admit, losing the Apple tree kind of left me feeling lost.
The backyard seems naked. Of the 3 Apple trees, only one remains.
They were cut and cleaned up, stacked to dry for firewood.
The arbor blew over in the storm too, and only the Wisteria vine held it up. 
That has been fixed too.
The heat and drought has certainly had an effect on this years garden.
Most of it seems colorless to me, but there are a few exceptions.
The Hosta garden extension is filling in
 The Phlox is doing well, and no sign of powdery mildew ... YET!

You can always count on Rudbeckia to put on a good show
The Hydrangea's put on a great show earlier in the year, and there are a few new blooms
Amaranthus is always interesting
I really like the Blue Oat Grass this year. I think I'll be spreading some around next year!
And Zinnia's ... oh how I love the Zinnia's!

These Zinnia's have done well and are full of color even after all the heat and lack of rain.
I'm definitely putting in more Zinnia's next year!

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