Sunday, June 24, 2012

3 more Hosta ... I just couldn't STOP myself!!

Maybe I DO have a problem
I've been wanting to get a miniature Hosta for quite some time, and I have been looking in every greenhouse I pass for a 'Mouse Ears' Hosta with no success.
On a recent outing, we stopped at Garry's Garden Gallery in Lindsay, Ontario.
My intention there was to buy a new and different Peony for my garden with my birthday $$.
I did find a Peony I didn't have, and bought a 'Primevere' Peony.
(No photos of this beauty until next spring)
The next thing I knew, I was strolling the Hosta aisle.
And while they did not have 'Mouse Ears', I did find a few other miniatures.
So may I introduce my 3 new Hosta miniatures...
'Pauls Glory'
'So Sweet'
and finally, 'Veronica Lake'
These 3 are quite small and I shouldn't have a problem squeezing them into the garden.
I'll still be looking for 'Mouse Ears' though!

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