Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fertilizer Friday - June 15th

Friday isn't just Fertilizer Friday this week, it's also Netty's Birthday!
And nothing says Happy Birthday like flowers!
False Blue Indigo - these pretty blooms are followed by attractive purple seed pods
I love the color of these Rose Campion blooms
Cheery Coreopsis blooms
The first Rose - 'Intrigue'
A delicate Spiderwort bloom
This is another bloom who's scent brings back birthday memories from my youth.
I always remember the smell of the Mock Orange...a sweet scent that I couldn't name until years later.
Blue Salvia 'May Night'


  1. Beautiful blooms. I have many of the same plants in my garden but our growing season is slightly behind you. My poppies and spider wort are in bloom but not the Rose campion or the salvia.

  2. Happy Birthday! That is a beautiful color on the poppy.

  3. Absolutely beautiful flowers! That rose is particularly gorgeous. And what a neat aerial shot of your home and the foal in the sidebar--I want to pet that curly mane!

  4. Happy Birthday Netty, hope you enjoy your special day. The flowers are looking lovely.

  5. This time in June is so amazing. As much as flowers. My poppies are similar to yours but it has not yet started to bloom. Thanks for letting me look into your garden. I wish you a nice weekend! Zinnia