Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hosta Fever!

I'm not too sure exactly when Hosta Fever first hit me.
I remember buying my first Hosta many years ago ... a Hosta ventricosa who's beautiful bloom caught my eye right there in the greenhouse. It was love at first sight!
Then a friend offered several pieces that she split from her own. I planted them in the yard at the old house and they flourished. When we sold the house I just couldn't bare to leave them behind so I dug up a little piece of each one to bring to this house and planted them in a row along the north side of the garage where they again, flourish.
Again, a friend offered Hosta splits so I made a new garden under my bedroom window. I had to dig up Daylily's but I figured I had LOTS already.

Maybe Hosta Fever first hit me when I HAD to have a Hosta I saw in a garden catalog
'White Feather'
Or when I HAD to have an 'Empress Wu'
I just couldn't leave the last 'Stained Glass' at the nursery
A friend asked if I wanted a Hosta that would take full sun...FULL SUN??
You know what I said...
 Maybe I should have realized I had a problem when another friend asked if I wanted some Hosta's and I had to make yet another bed
This spring I decided that some of my Hosta's needed splitting, so I offered these pieces for sale and what did I do with the money? Why, I bought more Hosta of course!!
You have already seen 'Queen Francine' and 'St Elmo's Fire' .
But I went to the store yesterday...
'Sum and Substance'
'Fire Island'
So you know what I had to do, don't you?

I'm still not sure I have a problem though  ;)
Daylily's anyone?


  1. Great hosta additions. I just got 4 more and now I want more, but like you I'll have to make the garden bed bigger.

  2. Hosta fever is very common. Even I (suburbanite lawn lover) have hostas I brought with me from my first home in 1979. Anything that gets in the way of my mower becomes lawn except my precious hostas.