Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fertilizer Friday - May 4th

The wild weather roller coaster continued into the beginning of the week, and I was beginning to wonder if spring was EVER going to get here!
A bit of rain and then some warmer temperatures have starting things rolling so I'm linking into
Found these beautiful Trillium's in the forest

Forget Me Not's - my favorite little blue blooms that remind me of my childhood. I used to bring these home for my Mom so she would never forget me. She had little vases of these all over the house, and other 'wild flowers' I would pick for her.
I'm really loving this Euphorbia this year
A little closer
I wish I knew the name of this Narcissus ... 3 little blooms on one stem
Grape Hyacinth's 
A bright, cheery Primula
This is 'Pink Parasol'
I am patiently waiting for the Lilac's to bloom. Judging by all the buds, it won't be too long!

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  1. You have lovely blooms! Thanks for visiting.