Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fertilizer Friday - May 17th

The weather here has been fantastic this week. Garden fever has struck and I've spent many hours looking at all the local nursery's.  And while the boys at the greenhouse keep telling me I'm "too early", I have already moved all my plants outside, planted my veggie garden and started planting annuals.
This is my favorite time of year ... the time that I spend all the cold winter days thinking about.
My favorite blooms are all getting ready for their show, the trees are all leafing out, the grass is lush and green and growing beautifully. There are birds everywhere!
I'm linking in to Fertilizer Friday with Tootsie!
The week started out great ... my kids bought me 2 beautiful new perennials for Mothers Day. 
This is 'Winky Double Red and White' Columbine
'Snowflake' Creeping Phlox
I wasn't sure how many, if any, of my Roses survived the winter. I spent a few hours one day tending to them and I think that it paid off. Everyone of them is starting to show signs of life!
This photo was taken at the beginning of the week before the Camassia started blooming
How quickly things change this time of year
Spurge still going strong
Lilac's starting to open. The blooms on all the Lilac's I've seen seem small this year ... maybe from the heat in March and frost in May? I'm glad to have blooms of ANY size for the amazing scent
Black Parrot Tulip
Next weeks special bloom


  1. Hi Netty, Your creeping phlox, spurge, tulips, and lilacs are stunning! I enjoyed my visit today.

  2. The last photo looks almost for a dragon fruit.

  3. Your gardens are coming along nicely. I like the columbine you received for Mother's Day.