Monday, March 28, 2011

Tree tomatoes?

Any tomato eater knows that there is nothing better than a fresh, home grown tomato.  I usually grow a few different varieties and like to taste test to find the best. I've had success with Celebrity, Beefsteak, and Bonny Best but I'm still searching for better. And it seems that the best tasting tomato plants usually don't grow enough tomatoes. I saw this while shopping the other day and thought I would put it to the test:
The box says "Up to 60 lbs of Extra Large Tomatoes per plant" , "grows up to 8 ft tall" , "grow giant tomatoes over 1 foot all around", "grow bushels of tomatoes the size of Grapefruits" and  "includes 6 pre-seeded pots".
After opening the package, I immediately noticed 2 different labels...Giant Tree tomatoes and Big Early tomatoes.

After closer inspection of the box I found in smaller print on the side a note that said 3 giant tomato pots and 3 big early tomato pots included. Huh? I think that should be clear on the front of the package, don't you?
Well, I followed their directions and watered and placed in a sunny window.  They say the seeds will sprout within one to two weeks. I think these plants will have to perform a miracle to live up to the claims on the box!
Updates to follow  :)


  1. well I can't wait to see these when they are grown!!! very neat if they do what they are supposed to do!!!
    you will definitely have to link that post into my friday flaunt!!!

  2. Thanks Tootsie, now if I could only figure out HOW to do that! LOL