Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Break keeping me busy and Nonquon

I just realized that I have been MIA for a few days!

March 11-20  was March break and so I had 3 children to keep amused. This usually isn't a difficult thing to do when you have money, but the kitchen renovation and following wiring crisis used up any extra money we had. This was going to have to be a cheap week! The 2 older kids are in high school and having hard semesters so I thought that several days of  R & R were in order for them ~ time to wind down and clear their heads. A trip to Lindsay at the 'small mall' made them happy, as well as a few days spent with friends. The youngest is a little harder to keep amused as she has a lot more energy. Sunday was a day well spent outside - we removed the training wheels from her bike and after a few hours she was riding on her own! We went to the sport store and traded in some used sports equipment and bought new soccer shoes for the upcoming season. It was a good week and I was sorry to see it end.
Tuesday, I went with the grade 2 class to the Nonquon Environmental Education Center just North of Port Perry. The class was there to learn about Reptiles and Amphibians, and about the environmental issues affecting them. Very interesting, but I was most interested in the various 'stuffed' animals there.

I was really surprised by the size of this Golden Eagle ~ larger than the Turkey Vulture beside it.
I am sure I have seen a Fisher like this cross my lawn with the neighbors dog in hot pursuit...

                                                                   Great Horned Owl
                       Sharp Shinned Hawk - numerous around here, but never able to see them up close.
                              On a hike, the kids were even able to feed the Chickadee's from their hands!

                            We had a great day, and boy oh boy, did I ever sleep good that night!


  1. Nice place, will have to visit one day

  2. I could go back ... there were so many things there I didn't get to do. Even the hiking trails were flooded so it would be nice to go back in the dry season.