Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boomer the Exterminator

Yesterday was a lovely, spring like day.  While the power was turned off for wiring to be replaced I was outside raking gravel off the grass and checking out the gardens. I had the dog out in the back yard with me and noticed that she was 'playing' with something behind the old chicken coop. I figured that it must be a mouse, because the field mouse population seems to be at an all time high. I suddenly heard something squealing and figured she had caught her mouse. A while later I went to see what she caught and found this:
 A RAT!  Living in the country, you know they are around barns and animals but you don't think you can find them in your own backyard.  Boomer was proud of her catch, but I was disgusted! So disgusted that I had dreams about rats all night long. Where there is one there is bound to be more. Boomer will be my protector.
 Maybe after her nap.


  1. ha ha! The photo following the protector comment made me laugh out loud!

    BTW, I've seen rats around here as well! What the hell?

  2. I don't know Kelly, but I don't like it! I just realized that this thing has been here a while...the lid on my composter has chew holes! I also saw one scurry in the barn the other day.