Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I finally got my harvest table!

When we moved here almost 13 years ago, Hubby promised to make me a harvest table.
For years I made due with the old, round, glass top table in the dining room.
It was getting harder and harder to fit the whole family at the table.
Hubby said that he hadn't forgotten, but with all the projects around the house using up all the extra money he just hadn't gotten to it.
Last year, at Thanksgiving, I knew that something had to be done for thanksgiving dinner - now that we had Country Fellow coming for supper there was no room for everyone!
I moved the rectangular patio table inside.
That patio table was our dining room table for over a year!
It was a little lower than a regular table, but with a tablecloth on no one really knew.
Then, in September of 2015, the farm across the street was sold to a 'cash cropper' and they wanted to remove all the buildings.
It had a beautiful barn, that was built in the late 1800's
I came home from work one day not long after that picture was taken to find this!

The barn and other outbuildings had been bulldozed!
I quickly ran over and asked the equipment operator if I could have some of the wood from the pile.
He was very nice, telling me that the whole pile was going to be set ablaze, so if I wanted anything I had better take it quick!
It really was sad to stand and look at the ruins of this old barn, especially knowing the value in reclaimed barn wood projects these days.

I quickly got to work, carefully picking through the piles.
I collected a dozen or so good planks and carted them home.
I stacked them in front of the garage, and explained to Hubby that THIS pile of wood was going to be my harvest table! It was a few weeks before he was able to get to it,but he did indeed make me a harvest table for my dining room. And just in time for Christmas dinner!

12 years late, but worth the wait!


  1. Netty, I LOVE the table! How wonderful you were able to procure the wood from the barn, in a way, the barn will live on in your gorgeous new furniture. :-)