Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Now that the dust has settled and we have welcomed in the New Year, it's time to think about what we want to accomplish in 2016. 
2015 was such a busy year!!
It was a good year though, and there isn't too much I would change for 2016.
2015 saw a few changes - Big Country Girl starting her career, getting engaged to Country Fellow, buying their first home, moving out, and getting a puppy.
Me learning to can, and trying to keep up with work, the kids, new clients, and the house.
Little Country Girl getting more serious about figure skating, and less serious about soccer.
Country Boy continuing his College education.
Hubby starting a new job.
We were all kept so busy, that it seems things outside 'our world' were a little forgotten, including this blog. There are friends we haven't seen, places we haven't been, projects we didn't get to.
I am really going to try to be better about keeping in touch this year, and not being so crazy busy all the time. But that could prove to be difficult ... we have a wedding to plan!



  1. Well hello Netty! Glad you had such a good 2015. I can understand how you're so busy! Hope 2016 is equally good.

  2. So glad things have gone well for everyone! Here's to a happy, healthy 2016!