Friday, January 16, 2015

Home made laundy soap!

It always bothers me that laundry soap is so expensive.
Recently I found a recipe that I just HAD to try for homemade laundry soap.
It only has 3 ingredients
I found all three ingredients at our No Frills store for less than $12.
I started by grating the sunlight soap with a cheese grater - it was easy!
I put the grated soap in a pot with about 4 cups of water and carefully heated the mix until the soap was dissolved, stirring frequently.
I had a clean 4.5 gallon pail with a lid, and filled it 3/4 with HOT water.
To this I slowly added 3/4 cup of the washing soda and 3/4 cup borax and stirred until dissolved.

Then I added the soap mix and stirred well, then topped up the pail with more hot water.
Put on the lid and allowed the pail to sit overnight. When I opened the lid the next day the mix had gelled. No, that OK ... it was supposed to do that!

All this needed now was a good stirring. I decided to make it easier by using a paint mixer on a drill

And VOILA! Time to bottle it up. This was the whole batch ... not bad!

I thought I would test this out on Father's dirty work pants before I sang the praises of this stuff. If this can clean Father's work pants it will clean anything!  I put a load of his dirtiest,  greasy work clothes in and added only a cup of laundry soap. I had to remember this was soap and not detergent and so it would have less bubbles. I popped it in and couldn't believe my eyes!

It was the dirtiest water I have ever seen in my washing machine!
I was almost tempted to add more soap, but I wanted to see how well it worked.
I had just barely pulled it out of the dryer when Father came looking for clean pants, so no photo I'm afraid. But they were CLEAN! And so this recipe gets thumbs up from me.
The best part is that I only used 3/4 cup from each box so there is plenty left for the next few batches. And it was so EASY to make!
Now I need to find a recipe for dishwasher soap!

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