Saturday, August 23, 2014

My garden mid August

Such odd summer weather!
August should be hot and humid.
We have had cool and wet.
The veggie garden isn't doing as well as it should be, but I am still picking lots of tomatoes and beans. The carrots and onions are doing very well too. With the zucchini's a complete loss, and the peppers and cucumbers doing poorly I am already planning next years veggie garden.
What IS doing well is the backyard flower beds!

 Remember that 'Black Lace' Sambuccas that I had to cut back this spring and thought was dead?
 Look at it now ... as tall as it was before the winter!
Isn't nature amazing?
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  1. My zucchini was not good either, or my pumpkins ... but lots of tomatoes and potatoes. There are still lots of lovely blooms, but you can see Autumn creeping in very slowly.

  2. Your annuals and phlox and coneflowers look lovely, Nettie! I'm glad your sambucca recovered too -- I was sure I'd lost a blue rose of sharon, but it just took forever to leaf out (till June, in fact!). This really is one of the most beautiful times in the country. What a picture-perfect farmstead you have! Thanks for sharing it with us. -Beth