Sunday, August 3, 2014

August already?

I can't even believe how quickly the time is passing!
Here we are, already into August!
The rabbits have disappeared since I put up the garden fence, and plants are producing well.
This one row of beans is growing and producing so many beans, that I have already frozen enough for winters use, made bean salads and eaten my fill of raw and cooked beans. Neighbors beware, you may find beans on your doorstep!
 The peas are producing too, and I have already frozen 3 bags full, and been eating plenty raw.
Tomatoes are starting too ... cherry tomatoes and the first of the 'Beef Masters'. I am picking a harvest like this every other day!
The canning tomatoes are a little slower, which is fine because I really don't have the time to can tomatoes and make sauce and salsa while I am so busy with all the beans!
The 'Sicilian Saucer' tomatoes are really starting to get big now, but no signs of any red ones yet
My Zucchini plants are really suffering this year. I have only picked 3 small zucchini's and the plants look horrible. Someone suggested I should spray them with a fungicide and they would take off. I think I may try a mixture of milk and water, but honestly I am not holding out much hope of any more zucchinis this year.
I have now made 2 batches of pickles, one batch of pickled hot vegetables, frozen beans and peas, 8 jars of strawberry jam, and 4 jars of black current jam. I have also dried enough parsley, mint, and oregano for winter use as well. The Basil isn't producing enough to supply a winters use ... I must remember to plant more Basil next year! We love it!
Still have my eye on the carrots, onions, kale and cabbage.
Also waiting for our first harvest of Cucamelons
The vine growing out in the back flower bed that I hoped were squash or pumpkins seem to be gourds. I don't think they are edible.
I did find a pumpkin vine growing on the compost pile, so Country Boy MAY get pie after all!
The back gardens are quite colorful at the moment, but that may change if we don't get rain soon.
Thankfully you can't see all the weeds.
I hope to get out there today :)

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