Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wicked weather

 The weather just hasn't been giving us a break this year.
We have been spoiled the past 2 winters, with scant snowfall and milder temperatures.
This winter, we have had snow on the ground since mid November.
A very cold December, a white Christmas, and COLD air.
2 days ago, a surprise snowfall left us with 15cm of fresh snow.
 And then another 20 cm of snow.
 Then, the temperature plunged and winds blew.
Environment Canada issued a wind chill warning and a severe cold alert. followed by a blizzard warning. The -19°c felt more like -40°C.
For 2 days the wind blew, and the snow flew.
School buses were cancelled, highways shut down.
When it was all over, the driveway looked like this:
 It took 2 people, a snowblower, a snow plow and a shovel 2 hours to dig the driveway out!
Oh the joys of country living!
I think I am ready for spring now


  1. We've had the same weather, with a bit less snow and more ice. We're looking forward to the weekend when the temperatures are to rise about 0 Celsius and hopefully some of this dreadful ice will melt away.

  2. Now, now, what about those of us who love winter? Even though I worked 6 hours clearing snow and I'm not finished, it's great! Invigorating. May spring not arrive til we've had 10 more weeks of good winter!

  3. Hi Netty, same thing here, long, hard, winter. We're going back into the deep freeze tonight for a few days. I don't mind winter as a rule, but the subzero temps can get tedious. I guess I'll have to busy myself cleaning house. Ewwww, lol. Stay warm!