Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This weather is making me grumpy!

I don't know how much longer I can STAND it!
 The weather has been so snowy and cold for so long it's making me grumpy.
Take yesterday for example. I just wanted to get the garbage to the curb!
It was -18°C and windy. It had snowed and blown all night.
The driveway was filled in with snow AGAIN.
I did manage to get the garbage to the curb, but first I had to FIND the garbage box that was completely covered in snow.  The roads were unplowed AGAIN.
(Another snow day for the kids - I'm OK with that as I love it when everyone is home.)
Took the dog as she is getting restless too and needs exercise as much as I do.
Started our regular walk around the perimeter of the yard, the snow is so thick we are walking on about 3 feet of compacted snow. Three days in a row a tree branch has pulled the toque right off my head! The snow drifts are so big that I almost lost the dog in several of them.
One good thing - my gardens are covered in a thick layer of snow!

We had to call today for another heating oil delivery. And our firewood supply is going down rapidly.
Everything takes more effort lately. Getting dressed to go outside, de-icing the car, taking out the trash, going shopping, getting drinking water from the town tap, and even hauling in firewood.
While this is more like the winters I remember from my childhood, we have been spoiled with mild winters for the past few years and I am not happy with real winters return.
50 days until spring, and boy an I ready!


  1. Seems like a long 50 days right about now, doesn't it? -21C is our forecast high for the next two days. Our driveways look exactly the same, but I don't even want to think about starting the tractor. I've got the garbage out, but the truck never showed up, I can't blame them, I wouldn't want to be out in this weather either. We didn't have our customary January thaw, either, did you? This is truly an old-fashioned winter.

  2. I agree with you, this has been one long winter and there is still lots to go. Wishing for an early spring ...

  3. Same here, but it looks like we have more snow! And I put off spring by getting out skiing.