Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fertilizer Friday - August 16th

It's been a while, but I can finally have time to flaunt!
August already and the air already feels fallish. I snuck in a little garden expansion without my Hubby catching on. I kind of HAD to ... I had a few perennials sitting around in pots and no room left to plant them  :)
 Still need to fiddle with the shape a little
Found this freak of nature on my Sedum in this bed
The Lavetera is filling in nicely. I really missed this plant in my gardens last year.
Found this lone white bloom - nice surprise!
A suprise Mallow
'Scentemental' still blooming
Marigolds and Salvia
A few of the gardens


  1. Wow, very lovely. YOu have a wide area to play around, if only i have that expanse of ground to do my thing! Is that variegated flower a rose? How wonderful, haven't seen something like that. Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Your gardens look so pretty with all their colors. I have failed to deadhead very much this year or even gotten out to keep things in shape. It's a joy to see yours

  3. Very pretty. I'm going to have to follow your example with the newspaper to expand my beds. The Bermuda grass is breaking through the weed block.