Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fertilizer Friday already?

Wow, this week sure flew by!
Time to share some blooms with Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday!
Waiting patiently for some rain, but things are still looking OK.
 The first of the Glad's are opening.
Found these late Poppies blooming side by side. 

Not sure why I haven't planted this annual Vinca before, but I think that I will always have some in my gardens from now on!
How could I forget to add a picture of my favorite new Zinna bloom?
My Texas Red Salvia is late this year, but finally starting to bloom
The veggie garden is doing well too. I have lots to harvest almost every day!
The Phlox is starting to bloom too, and the blooms are HUGE this year!
 Another shot of the's so colorful right now!
 I saved this little cutie for last.
He's not a bloom, but he is a sweet little guy.
Have a great week all :)


  1. Your garden looks beautiful! So colorful! Love the phlox and zinnias. The fox is adorable and he posed nicely for you. Have a great wknd!

  2. Gorgeous colors! I love your little visitor, so cute.

  3. I've used pink annual vinca myself for a number of years after realizing how well it does in a container in the hot sun.
    Your garden bounty looks delicious and the little fox is adorable.

  4. That is a beautiful pink zinnia! Do you know if saved zinnia seeds will bloom true to the original zinnia that they were saved from? I am saving seeds from some of my favorite colors and forms this year in hopes of having more of those colors next year come up from the saved seed.
    I loved seeing the little fox in your garden. Maybe next year you should plant foxgloves for him!