Sunday, March 25, 2012

I was afraid of this!

As much as I have enjoyed the wonderful, warm weather we have been experiencing here in southern Ontario, it is returning to more seasonal temperatures.
This worried me because I wasn't sure that Old Man Winter was done with us.
The plants are about 7 weeks ahead of schedule.
And apparently, so are the Hummingbirds.

The first Hummingbirds are usually spotted in my garden during the time my Lilac's bloom - around May 24th. According to this Migration Map from the hummingbirds are already in Ontario!  I am concerned about the lack of food and possible cold temperatures ahead.
I guess there is only one thing for me to do.
Put out my feeders!


  1. Hello Netty, I share your fears...the weather here is so very unseasonably warm too. I haven't seen any hummingbirds, but that doesn't mean they aren't here already.

    What a strange year so far; I'm sure the hummingbirds will appreciate the feeders!

  2. I put out the feeders last weekend but haven't seen any hummers yet. It is still early, but you never know with the way the weather has been. Back to chilly normal temperatures for a few days.

  3. Hi Netty - it's been a bit scary this spring, hasn't it. My beautiful saucer magnolia started to open up in the heat. Then sadly all the petals froze last week and died right there on the tree. It looks like a sepia painting right now - all brown and lifeless. I hope the hummingbirds will be alright in these cold night temperatures.