Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trail Camera - January 11th

I haven't been around too much so far this month.
Southern Ontario, and much of the country, have been experiencing above average temperatures, and that combined with Christmas holidays has kept me busy.
We have been enjoying the mild weather, been busy shopping with gift cards, and even skating on the frozen mini lake on the front lawn.
The kids are back to school now and life will get back to normal.
A trip out to the trail camera last week and again today resulted in some lovely new photos.
This is the first time for this young buck
 Trying to figure out if this is one of our regular bucks who has shed an antler.
 This guy sure looks healthy!
 And the tail end of a small female coyote. She left us a present ;)
 There still seems to be a small problem with the camera.
The first shot had nothing in it but you could see the pile of deer food.
In the next photo 2 days later, the food is gone and no photos were taken.
Something got to feed undetected.
Today we left a small lick behind, so hoping for some good shots next time.


  1. Hi Netty, oh you have great luck with your game camera. Ours is set too late and so often all we get are pictures of something leaving. Very frustrating! Those bucks do indeed look healthy. And amazing to see a coyote, too!

  2. Thanks! We are pleased with the trail camera shots. We get plenty of shots of things leaving too, and that is the reason we started putting out the deer food. It keeps them standing still long enough to get good photographs :)