Sunday, July 19, 2015

Big news!

Anyone who has kids that are old enough to date, know that not everyone 'fits' into the family unit.
Big Country Girl, as well as Country Boy have dated, and brought home boys/girls.
While most were nice, pleasant people, something about them didn't quite click with the family.
Until August 2013.
Big Country Girl met a boy - lets just call him Country Fellow.
He was a happy, kind, friendly fellow.
He treated Big Country Girl with kindness and respect, and made her very happy.
Country Fellow also got along well with the rest of the family - even FATHER liked Country Fellow!
Country Fellow just seemed to 'fit' into our crazy family. I thought that maybe he was 'the one' for Big Country Girl, and I had even mentioned that to a few people in conversation.They just seemed to bring out the best in each other, and those around them.
A few weeks ago, Country Fellow asked for approval ... Country Fellow wanted to propose to Big Country Girl! And guess what  ...  she said YES!

No date set just yet, but we are all thrilled to make him part of our crazy family.
Sometimes Mom's just know!


  1. How wonderful, sounds like they were meant for each other and for the family too.

  2. What happy news! And a wedding in the future -- have you considered having the reception in your gardens? Just a thought.... Good luck with all the fun details and planning with your daughter! :-) -Beth