Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's COLD outside!

Somehow February seems like the longest month of the year.
We've had bitter cold temperatures, snow, and then more bitter cold.
I did take advantage of a sunny day to go outside and snap a few pictures around the yard.

A cold morning sunrise
Lots of snow this year!
Because it has been so cold outside, I have been spending a lot of time inside.
Father has been busy painting and I have been busy in the kitchen.
I have always wanted to learn how to make bread by hand - without the use of a breadmaker.
This week I tried some basic buns
Not the prettiest buns I've seen, but they tasted great. Not bad for a first attempt!
I've also been making a lot of pizza dough, and so pizza once a week.
Today I want to make some black current jam with some frozen currents from the garden.
And muffins ... Mmmmm.
I hope spring gets here soon so I can get out of the kitchen!
All this cooking isn't good for my waistline!

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