Sunday, May 25, 2014

Getting the veggies planted!

I always forget how busy this time of year can be!
Last weekend was the long weekend, Victoria Day holiday, and the weather wasn't great.
I did get some work done in the gardens, but held off planting anything because of the cool weather.
Well this weekend is lovely and the gardens are getting planted!
I spent most of the day yesterday planting the 'Garden of Weedin' - Tomatoes (48 of them!!) , carrots, onions, beans,  kale, peppers, lettuce, zucchini, cucumber. I still have a few more things to do out there, but the most important thing to do yet is get the fence up. Keeping my fingers crossed the bunnies have clover to nibble on in the fields!
DH will be building me a cucumber trellis today as Little Country Girl wants to grow and make pickles this year.
In between planting the garden, we had a water truck delivery to fill the pool. The water was only 12°C, but Country Boy couldn't wait to jump in!
 I don't think I need to tell you that it was a quick swim! Brrrrr!
Today, we will be working in the back gardens planting some annuals and doing some weeding.
Things are still coming very slowly, but the grass is green and has been cut twice.
I put out my winter bowling ball project and I am pleased with the way the light reflects on it.  I can't wait for the Peony blooms in front of it to open up!
 The white tulips I planted for Big Country Girl last fall outside her bedroom window are in bloom, along with some Canada Anemone's. This garden is nothing but green and white it seems, but I like the way it looks.
A few more 'white' things ...'White Feather' Hosta coming up
Bleeding Hearts
Some white Phlox, and Ajuga
Grape Hyacinth and Forget-Me-Not's
Mini purple Iris
Nice weather will bring out more this week I am sure

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