Monday, February 3, 2014

Making the best of it

Yesterday our groundhog, Wiarton Willy, predicted another 6 weeks of winter.
I can't say I was surprised ... we have had such a long winter already that I couldn't see it ending early. If he had predicted an early spring I would have known he was lying.
No matter what the groundhog says, spring begins on March 20th. Which, by the way, is 44 days from now - but who's counting ;)
I've been planning this years gardens and putting together a seed order. I also potted up some Tulip bulbs I got for Christmas and put them out in the cold. I do hope that gives them enough time to bloom this spring. After that, I will transplant the bulb to the gardens.
A couple of milder days with sunshine and the snow seems to be packing down a little.
This birdbath was covered completely with snow and has started to melt out.
Seeing sunshine sure has made a difference on people moods. And the milder temperatures are helping a little too. I have been out trying to embrace winter a little. Yesterday, I was out on my snowshoes.
Today, I visited our local ice pad for some skating. I was lucky enough to have the whole place to myself!
Aren't the snowy trees in the background pretty?
The ice surface was very smooth and I was a little shaky at first. I am still trying to break those new skates in, and so it took a while before I got going. You never would have known I had 12 years of figure skating instruction in my youth if you were watching me skate. I couldn't even remember how to stop! After a while I got a little better, but figure skating is NOT like riding a bike - you don't just pick up where you left off! I did finally manage to practice my figure 8's on all the edges and spin on 2 feet, and learn to stop again. I really think I need more practice!
I skated for 2 hours and boy were my feet sore!
 Tonight, when I take Little Country Girl to her skating class I will have a funny story for her coach.
So you see, I AM trying to make the most of winter. As I sit here, sipping my hot chocolate and rubbing the blisters on my feet, I notice the snow is falling again.
I keep reminding myself ... 44 days until spring!


  1. Good for you! Hope you enjoyed the skating. Your snowshoes are just like my biggest pair.

  2. Hi Netty, Wow, judging from the tracks on the ice, I'd say you remembered how to skate just fine! I haven't ice skated in a few years and I know just what you mean. It takes time to get our 'ice legs' and then afterward, walking around without the skates on is such a relief. That's a beautiful rink.

    I'm just back in from skiing for two hours and it feels good to be warm. But the outdoor sports make the time fly by, don't they? Hot chocolate sounds delicious.

    44 days. I'm counting them down with you!