Saturday, September 7, 2013

Here we go again!

You may remember our new bathroom window from THIS post, and the difficulties getting the siding up.
Well, I think we have learned a lesson about used windows.
While our intention was to renovate the bathroom after the window was put in, we just didn't get to it.
Now we have no choice.
The window rotted, and we had no idea how much water damage was on the inside.

We had to tear out the tub surround, the drywall, the insulation, and the tub.
The bathroom is half 'gutted'.
We picked up a brand new, vinyl window.
Here it is in and the wall getting re-sided.
Once it was in, it was only missing one thing on the outside...shutters!
So the outside is all done, wonder how long it will take to finish the inside?

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