Sunday, July 14, 2013

July in the veggie patch and battle of the cucumber beetles

Despite the cool, wet spring, the veggie patch is starting to do better now with the heat.
The beans that had to be planted 3 times because of the weather have finally grown and started producing beans. They finally look healthy!
 Tomatoes are starting to set fruit. This one is 'sweet millions'
 The dill volunteers are flowering, and not a cucumber ready to pick yet!
I planted the Kale in the shade of the sweet peas this year and it is doing much better
The Russian Kale is getting more sun, but doing quite well too. Not sure when to harvest...?
Carrots and Leeks doing well
Tried these Sweet Cherry Peppers for the first time. I think they are almost ready!
The cabbage is doing well too, except for the one that a rabbit found. I think a fence will be necessary now to keep them out.
I have been craving stuffed zucchini for weeks and have been watching carefully for zucchini to pick.
There are LOTS on the plant!
 And while I think that watched zucchini don't grow, there is another problem here. I thought it was lack of water, but watering more hasn't helped. Then I discovered LOTS of striped cucumber beetles, which I have been hand picking and squishing or knocking into a bowl of soap water. They are relentless, and just when you think you have caught them all, another dozen fly in. I don't know WHERE these buggers are coming from, but I must have the only zucchini/squash/ cucumber patch for MILES away! Then I discovered a bunch of these...
 Not sure what they are but I started knocking them into the bucket of soapy water too, after I discovered them feeding on my zucchini. They were turning yellow and shriveling up right there on the plant!
I started picking them off in hopes of new ones starting
By the time I was done, I had 8 that would never be stuffed  :(
There are several on each plant so I hope with continued bug picking I will be stuffing some zucchini soon!

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