Friday, November 23, 2012

A birthday!

Gosh, It's already been 2 weeks since I posted!
I'm really not sure where the time is going lately, it just seems the time is whizzing past.
Big Country Girl had a follow up appointment at the fracture clinic this week.
As it turns out, the appointment time is only the check in time. You can spend 1-3 HOURS sitting and waiting for your turn. It took almost 3 hours before we saw the Doctor!
He was very pleased with her progress and didn't want to 'disturb' her healing fingers so he didn't put a new cast on. Since she is away at school, she has been instructed to remove the soft cast on her own and exercise her fingers and then put on a tensor bandage. Follow up at the clinic Dec 13th.
She was home for 4 days and it was wonderful to have her home again.
She spent a lot of time with Little Country Girl too, which makes me very happy :)
We also had an early celebration for Big Country Girls 18th birthday...just family and one surprise guest. We had a lovely time and ate too much as usual.
Drove Big Country Girl back to school at 6am through thick fog.
I'm always so sad when I leave her there.
Her birthday was yesterday, and it was the first time that I wasn't with her ON her birthday.
Happy Birthday Honey!


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