Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beans anyone?

I went out to the veggie garden today after not going out there for a while. 
I thought I might have a bean or two to pick.
I am truly amazed at my bean crop this season.
Drought, high temperatures, bugs, bunnies.
I have picked so many beans from my row that I can't GIVE them away!
The freezer is full and my family doesn't want to see another bean. Ever.
Not even my vegetarian daughter!
I guess I'll take some to work and freeze the rest.
I really hope this is the last picking!


  1. Wow, your crop of beans is amazing, I didn't have that many

  2. Netty, I had a good giggle over the beans...isn't it something how too much of anything gets tedious? But come winter, those beans will be very, very tasty!

    I loved the stroll through your garden on your earlier post, how beautiful your plantings are. Just like the green beans, when the hot weather was upon us, it was so tempting to just wish it away, but all too soon, I'll be wanting those warm breezes again!